We’ll Make Sure Your Order Is Filled Accurately and On Time

We’ll Make Sure Your Order Is Filled Accurately and On Time

Millennium Steel Service, LLC relies on a steel supply chain management IT system to make sure our materials remain organized, from the moment they arrive at our warehouse in Princeton, IN to the time they’re shipped to your business.

Our web-based OpenTrac Enterprize system is designed to provide transaction management services to link steel processors with companies that supply and purchase their materials. We developed this steel supply logistics system in 2002 to manage our supply chain and warehouse processing operations.

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6 things to know about our IT system

Millennium Steel Service utilizes an OpenTrac Enterprize system to keep our materials organized in Princeton, IN. Our IT system:

  1. Uses integrated bar code tags to make material identification simple
  2. Has an extensive reporting capability that allows managers to view supply chain information in detailed reports
  3. Enables us to send EDI, ASN and FTP files to customers
  4. Provides end-to-end tracking services
  5. Allows floor-to-floor communication in the warehouse
  6. Is integrated with an accounting system

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